Granite is one of the hardest natural materials, and is stronger than steel. A polished granite tile will virtually maintain its shine and lustre forever. Normal use of knives and kitchen cutlery will not scratch a granite tile, and tremendous heat will not dull or affect the natural lustre of this stone.

Although granite is an extremely strong and dense material, it is porous and can be stained if a spill is not cleaned up quickly. Applying a water base sealer is important so that this natural stone will not stain, and should be done regularly.

Granite is a natural product and have a very slight variation in colour shading. You can use this variation to your advantage when it comes time for installation, by laying out all of the tile in your purchase and seeing the range of colour. By manipulating the placement of the tile, you can have a finished granite project that is unique to your installation.

All the granite tiles sold by us are genuine, and produced from a quarry. We are able to sell this material at such a low price because we ship directly from the production facility, and we receive deep discounts through the huge volumes of purchases that we do yearly.