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Another aspect of adding a decorative focal point in a project is the use of glass mosaic. Glass mosaic offers a sparkle and glitter that is not found in any other type of decorative tile, and with so many colors, finishes, shapes and patterns, anyone can find the right glass mosaic to fit their decor.


The elegance of a natural stone osaic brings a uniqueness too an area due to it's different color tones and variety. With a choice of over ten different types of natural stone in different sizes and shapes, you can easily transform an uninspired area with style and grace.

Glass & Stone

Combining the best aspects of both glass and stone, these mosics can add a style and flair to any room. Choose from a variety of colorful and inspiring patterns to find the right fit for your project.


Made from porcelain, these mosaics offer the same properties of low water absorption and resistance to dirt and staining, just like a regular porcelain tile. New to the market, tthe variety in colors and shapes should make this a great addition to any project.